Europa-Jugendtag 2009

Neuapostolische Kirche - 21. bis 24. Mai 2009 in Düsseldorf


06/08/2009, 08.43 am: Beach Chair pictures online

You are one of the EYD participants that took a photo in our beach chair, or you did not get the mail or you just want to see who else took a photo there ? You just have to flip through our online photobook. The Chief Apostle also took a photo ... more

05/28/2009, 02.57 pm: The European Youth Day on eBay

I would like to have a flag of the European Youth Day! What has happened to the Congress Center signposts? Where can I still buy a welcoming gift? The organisation team of the European Youth Day have been receiving dozens of e-mails with these or ... more

05/28/2009, 09.21 am: European Youth Day ends

After four days the first European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church has come to an end with a divine service on Sunday May 24th 2009 in the LTU arena. 46,000 faithful attendees listened to the sermon of Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber (we ... more

05/27/2009, 02.44 pm: Download official EYD song

“Come to my Jesus” is the song of the European Youth Day. Thousands sang it together at the end of the four day event, after the divine service in the LTU arena. The song, composed by Sigi Hänger is now available for ... more

05/27/2009, 07.36 am: A marvellous effort

Already as the first participants of the European Youth Day were leaving the LTU arena on Sunday midday after the divine service, the work to dismantle the stands was starting in Hall 6 and the other event halls. Just a few hours later there was not ... more

05/26/2009, 03.11 pm: Chief Apostle

Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber is often asked for his autograph. He usually puts his signature to hymnals. The youth of Marburg have thought up an unusual variation at the European Youth Day.All they really wanted to do was take a photo of their ... more

05/26/2009, 09.09 am: Video flood on YouTube

Almost 1,000 videos are thrown up by YouTube when searching for “EJT” or “EYD”.Already within a few hours after the weekend in Düsseldorf a flood of impressions reached the video platform: musical renditions, ... more

05/24/2009, 08.10 pm: A flight over the Congress Center

The Congress Center from a birds eye view – a photograph and film crew had the chance to observe the Congress Center from an interesting perspective. A small aircraft flew, with special permission, from Bottrop to Düsseldorf. You can enjoy ... more

05/24/2009, 10.35 am: The festive divine service

The European Youth Day 2009 at its zenith: on Sunday is a festive divine service in the LTU arena in Düsseldorf with Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber. 46,000 New Apostolic Christians and their guests experience fellowship for the last time together ... more

05/23/2009, 11.52 pm: eyd:news – Sunday edition

The text and picture editors and design team have also been working flat out on Saturday into the night. This has produced the Sunday edition of eyd:news, the official newspaper of the European Youth Day. As for Saturday, it contains 16 pages each ... more

05/21/2009, 05.58 am: The setup continues

The time has finally come: Although the New Apostolic Church’s European Day of the Youth officially starts today, preparations are still being made at full speed. In the gallery, you‘ll find photos of the setup taking place in the Congress ... more

05/16/2009, 11.05 am: Premiere: Divine service on TV

35,000 youth will be gathering in Düsseldorf from the 21st to the 24th of May 2009. Their mark of recognition: blue-orange shirts and a blue-orange scarf. For the information of the citizens of Düsseldorf the regional edition of the local ... more

05/15/2009, 11.31 am: Rheinbahn train timetable

Thousands of visitors to the European Youth Day will be underway in the Ruhr district with the public transport system. The participant’s pass entitles the holder to use the public transport in the integrated transport systems VRR and VRS. The ... more

05/14/2009, 03.09 pm: Use the offer of public viewing

Up to 35,000 visitors will be mingling around the exhibition halls at the European Youth Day. Just as at any major exhibition, it is naturally not possible for all visitors to be simultaneously in one building. For this reason the organisers of major ... more

05/13/2009, 09.55 am: Grief counselling is offered

Grief Counselling at the European Youth Day? This seems, at first sight, a little unusual – the joyful festivities of the European New Apostolic youth and then grief? It doesn’t appear to fit the picture somehow.About 35,000 ... more

05/05/2009, 08.29 am: Welcoming EYD divine services

The start of the European Youth Day (EYD) of the New Apostolic Church will be marked, on the evening of Ascension Day, the 21st of May 2009, by divine services in many congregations in Düsseldorf, in the Rhineland and in the Ruhr district. All ... more

05/04/2009, 05.06 pm: Download the EYD Guide

More than 175 programme items await the participants at the first European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church, from the 21st to the 24th of May in Düsseldorf, which should provide something for everyone; from workshops and presentations to ... more

04/21/2009, 09.19 am: Participants’ passes coming

A few weeks before the European Youth Day the “Accommodation” project group has started to send out the passes for those taking part. The group leaders who have already registered will receive them by post for all the members of their ... more

04/07/2009, 09.14 am: Registration still possible

The organisers have announced that the youth can continue to register up to the 21st of May 2009, the starting date of the European Youth Day. In the past weeks the staff of the planning group has continued to receive requests concerning the ... more

04/05/2009, 08.22 pm: nacworld goes international

 From the 4th of April 2009, nacworld, the social network of the New Apostolic youth, is not only international by name: the team of voluntary young programmers and assistants have so arranged the portal that it is now supported in several ... more

04/04/2009, 06.19 am: Final meeting of the planning team

“What is being organised here is gigantic”, pronounced Apostle Franz-Wilhelm Otten, visibly impressed at the final meeting of the planning team before the European Youth Day. The representatives of the European district churches met for ... more

04/03/2009, 09.57 am: Lead-in choir final rehearsal

“It sounds simply gigantic when 1,000 youngsters give all they have!” Claudia, from Hamburg, said enthusiastically as she spoke about the LTU arena choir. The district church of North Germany will bring a special stadium choir for the ... more

04/01/2009, 08.13 pm: New EYD advertisement

“See you in Düsseldorf” Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber called to the youth in autumn 2008. This was the first official advert for the great event in May 2009. The youth had produced a film several weeks previously, which has now been ... more

03/31/2009, 08.57 am: Bulletin is published

The project group responsible for communications have produced a bulletin with some information about the European Youth Day event in May 2009. The eight-sided document gives essential information concerning the arrival, overnight arrangements and ... more

03/23/2009, 02.43 pm: Choose the official EYD song

We need a European Youth Day song –and you decide which one it will be! The official song of the EYD should musically represent the European Youth Day. Its premier will be at the opening event and will accompany you over the whole weekend. It ... more

03/13/2009, 09.04 am: An environment-friendly Youth Day

The first European Youth Day of the New Apostolic Church is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. That is the stated goal of the organisation. For this reason, all journeys are free of charge for all participants who use the Düsseldorf ... more

03/12/2009, 03.08 pm: Final preparations in Duisburg

In the last stage toward the European Youth Day the youth of Europe are meeting everywhere to make their final preparations. So it was in Duisburg (district church of North Rhine-Westphalia) that over 20 youngsters met on Saturday 21st February 2009 ... more

03/09/2009, 10.02 am: Catering: as colourful as Europe

Oranges from Spain, salami from Italy and petit fours from France – not only do the participants come from a rich variety of countries. The composition of the catering for the European Youth Day, (also) directed by the sponsors is as European ... more

03/06/2009, 12.40 pm: First EYD press conference

“Optimism in times of crisis” – this is the message that the youth of the New Apostolic Church wish to broadcast from 21.-24. May 2009 in Düsseldorf, reported District Apostle Armin Brinkmann at the first press conference of ... more

02/13/2009, 12.37 pm: Donation for the youth of Albania

The youth from North Rhine-Westphalia have made a donation for the youth of Albania.7,000 Euros was raised by the young people from the district of Krefeld. This sum will enable their brethren in faith of Albania to fly to Düsseldorf ... more